Mondo Disease Ontology Workshop

The workshop will focus on semantic modeling of disease and defining ontology patterns. There is a great need for expert clinicians to define clinically relevant navigational grouping classes. These top down and bottom up approaches need to meet in the middle harmoniously. This workshop will consist of clinicians and ontologists, as well as expert curators working on genes for clinical utility.

When & Where

April 05, 2021, Monday
8am-11am PT / 11am-2pm ET / 4pm-7pm UK / 5pm-8pm Europe

Slides & Recording

  • Slides available here
  • Recording available here

Agenda Topics

  1. Introductions
  2. Overview of the Mondo editing process and how to request new terms or changes to Mondo - this will be recorded and shared after the workshop
  3. Paper update and review
  4. Working session to revise the top level classifications in Mondo
  5. Discuss open tickets (time permitting)

Pre-meeting resources:

Mondo resources webpage

Mondo: a unified disease resource connecting clinical and translational research. Talk by Chris Mungall, Pistoia Alliance, July 2020. Recording here

More info:

Mondo GitHub
Monarch Initiative


Phenomics First, NHGRI